8 Differences Between Men and Women

8 Differences Between Men and Women

The Differences Between Men and Women

Most women think that men are creatures that are difficult to understand. Vice versa. Men also think of women as aliens who sometimes cannot be understood. Do you feel the same way?

Actually this is a natural thing, considering that men and women are indeed very different from each other. The brains of men and women have different structures and ways of working. Don't believe? Here is the proof, as reported by Your Tango.

1. Words versus actions

Women are smarter to communicate than men. Their focus is to find solutions that can be accepted by all parties. They are smart to use words and gestures such as emotions, empathy, and tone of voice.
Meanwhile, men are more task oriented. They talk a little and act a lot. Men have difficulty understanding emotions that are not discussed. That is why sometimes men and women have difficulty communicating, and the way men interact with men is different from when women interact with women.

2. Two parts of the brain versus the left brain

Researchers prove that men are better at using their left brain than women who usually process using two parts of the brain. Men have strength when using the left side of the brain and find solutions to problems. While women tend to solve problems creatively.

3. Mathematical abilities

There is one part of the brain called the inferior-parietal lobule (IPL). In men, this part is greater than women, especially in the left side of the brain. This section deals with mathematical abilities. That is why men are better at technical and mathematical matters than women.

4. How to react to stress

In stressful situations, men have a "face or run" response while women respond more with friendship strategies. Psychologist Shelly E Taylor revealed that men are more aggressive when faced with stress or problems, while women are more concerned with looking after themselves and others. This is caused by different hormones produced by men and women.
When experiencing stress, the body will release the hormone oxytocin to reduce stress. Testosterone possessed by men reduces the levels of the hormone oxytocin produced by the body, so they still feel stressed. While the hormone estrogen in women reacts by supporting the hormone oxytocin, so women feel calm.
5. Language
Two parts of the brain that are related to language skills prove to be greater in women than men. No wonder many women succeed in language related fields. In terms of health this makes women recover faster when having a stroke, because strokes affect areas related to that language.

6. Emotions

The biggest difference between men and women is in terms of emotions. Women have a limbic system that is bigger than men. This makes women more easily affected by feelings and better at expressing their thoughts and feelings. No wonder women can connect deeply with other women or other people they care about. Unfortunately, this excess in the limbic system makes younger women depressed, especially when their hormone production increases.

7. Size of the brain

The brain size of men is greater than women, around 11-12 percent. This has nothing to do with intelligence, but this can explain the differences in male and female body sizes. Men need a bigger brain to control the body and muscles bigger too.

8. Pain

Men and women respond to pain in different ways. A study shows that women need more morphine to deal with the same pain as men. In addition, women also express pain more quickly and seek treatment compared to men.
In the brain, there is an area associated with pain, called the amygdala. In men, the active part of the amygdala is left, while in the right woman. For this reason, women react more intensely to pain, even though they can actually hold pain that is greater than men (for example during childbirth).
From the description above, it is clear that women and men are indeed very different. But these differences exist so that men and women can complement each other. Agree?

Reference from merdeka.com

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