Komalasa Port The History of Bawean Island

Komalasa  port city, a port city that has a lot of "History of Bawean"

Komalasa The Port City, History of Bawean

Take one example. At the port of Komalasa hamlet there is a cave that is still a mystery. the cave doesn't have a name yet. Not many people know of the beach. According to Bapak Musa Nawawi, a village leader in Komalasa, only once did he hear and hear the villagers of Komalasa entering the cave. One time it was done because there was a "group" from Gresik who forced to usually enter the cave.

It's difficult to guess from outside. Because the cave door is very narrow due to the pile of sand in the sea. To enter it must first remove some of the sand from the mouth of the cave. Only after that, with crawling style can enter it.

But when it reaches inside, the space is very wide. Can stand and even play sepak takraw in it. When a komalasa young man who entered the cave, he entered about 30 meters, then he popped into it before continuing further into the cave. It turned out that the scenery before him was still wider and far away, as far as the centerlight.

But for a moment before stepping forward, suddenly there was an unusual odor accompanied by strange sounds that made the fur of the skin stand up. "The load seems to be a combination of snake sounds and cat sounds," Mr. Musa continued. 

Well, of course they fall back and forth and head outside the cave because they are not a group of nature lovers.

Twenty years ago at the cave door was found a large iron cannon that was about 2 meters long weighing more than 1 request. Now the cannon is stored in front of the Islamic mosque 'Komalasa. Until now "the story" of the relationship between the cave and cannon found in Komalasa no one has examined it further.

Komalasa is a village in the Sangkapura sub-district that is indeed unique, which in the future has a lot to color the lives of people on Bawean Island, then we draw a line of winds, then the village of Komalasa is located southwest of the center.

The village with an area of ​​about 2.9 km2 is restricted to the east: the villages of Lebak west of the village of Pudakit Barat, Suwari and the village of Near Agung, and to the south bordering the Java sea. Komalasa Village is divided into four hamlets, namely the New Komala (Gunung Gendeng) hamlet, Rujing Rice Field, Komalasa Hamlet and Tanjung Kima hamlet. Inhabited by more than 503 families or 2529 inhabitants. All are Muslim and are adherents of a strong religion. Because it is indeed from this village that the teachings of Islam flow and are taught to all directions on the island of Bawean.

Like other villages on the island of Bawean. Komalasa has a hilly land structure. Villages winding and descending roads are essentially houses built on slopes or in mountain valleys. The water used by residents comes from springs but in the coastal hamlets use well water next to source water. Although this village is a mountain which is at the same time a coastal area, but the scenery is still green.

Komalasa is indeed far from urban and shopping centers. For times, because of the geographical location of this, coupled with his religious background, the Komalasa people are hard workers. Farming, raising livestock and fishing for the sea. Also trading spread around Bawean, almost all the shopping centers on Bawean, there are traders from Komalasa. Not only, they partially work in the land of people as sailors, traders and others.

The young people are very diligent and persistent in seeking knowledge. Both on Java or on Bawean itself. Although sometimes having to walk back and forth this is not an obstacle for them in collecting life supplies. So that there are now many residents of the Communion who have become "people" both in their country or in other people's countries. 

However, this contributed to introducing Bawean in the eyes of "outsiders"

For the origin of the naming KOMALASA, God willing, it will be posted in the next article

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